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Be relevant. Business and Selling has changed... Work on your Brand and get the word out!

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fitness/ SHift/

Work on your health. Nobody else can do this for you. Commit to'll get results!

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A collection of relevant information and interesting observations and technologies

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verb: shift; 3rd person present: shifts; past tense: shifted; past participle: shifted; gerund or present participle: shifting
"change the emphasis, direction, or focus of".


noun: wit; plural noun: wits
the intelligence required for normal activity; basic human intelligence".

Musings of an age grouper triathlete, technology sales leader and parent managing physical and mental health through exercise. The entire goal is to keep two feet out of the grave, push myself beyond my comfort zone, be a positive role model for my family and achieve success in my career.

Work is hard, training is hard.  There are a lot of questions that need answers, and a lot of things that create WTF moments.  How do you answer them all?  Is there only one right way?  Nope.

I have tons of questions every day...What is the best training plan?  What is the best SALES plan?  What is a good nutrition plan?  Why should I use this piece of equipment?  How can you find the best deal?  Where can I get the best management advice?  What books do you read?  How do you set goals, objectives, can you close a deal?

Things pop into my head everyday.  I would like to use this Blog to capture some of the interesting ones...Work and Play.  People aren't one dimensional...and neither is this Blog.  We'll see what it evolves into.

Circumstances get altered, targets move and goals get adjusted. Change is the only constant.

In life, and on your bike, use your wits...and shift.


Michael Dowling

Have You Changed?

Selling Has Changed – Because Buying Has Changed

Professional selling is changing because organizations - specifically, Buyers - have evolved at a much faster rate than we have in sales. Companies are buying by committee - and Sales Reps need to learn how to drive Value. Otherwise...they are transactional. Transactions are easy to handle...and that is a problem if you are a transactional seller. This section is a place for me to share ideas about how to break the cycle by creating a Sales Brand that adds value.

Run Sweat

Push Yourself – Because No One Will Do It For You

Saying you don't have time to focus on your fitness is an excuse. Make The Time. Do The Work. Improve Your Life. Nobody ever say's "Geez...I regret that workout". Click on the image to see the latest posts on all things Fitness - and more than a few articles on Triathlon 🙂

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Do Something Each Day That Scares You, Or Moves You. You Can Lean On What You've Done, But Don't Ever Look Back.

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