10 Thoughts for Race Day: Ironman

Ironman Ready!

Locked and Loaded!

During your months of Ironman training, (click link for a simple plan), you will talk to a ton of people who have raced Ironman before. You’ll read endless articles and watch everything you can find about race day, trying to determine what to expect, what the vibe will be like…and no doubt you will scare the shit out of yourself (newbie or not!). I am not going to stop you…you WILL do this, and it’s good for you.  When you are done scaring yourself…take a deep breath and visualize the start.

10 Important Things To Remember


  1. It’s a long day, don’t let anything that goes wrong throw you off mentally. Expect things to go wrong and deal with them
  2. Swim – no matter how cold or hard you have convinced yourself it will be, 100 meters into the swim you will forget about it. Execute your plan. Focus on form, stick to faster feet…and breathe
  3. Re-read your race day plan the day before…a couple of times
  4. Bike – If you feel like you are going too hard on the bike – you are. Look at HR or Power more than your MPH.
  5. High cadence into wind and up hills, lower cadence / bigger gear down hills or with a tailwind. Find crowds and flow with them…but don’t try to draft!
  6. Stick to your nutrition plan – but back it off slightly if your stomach gets upset. It’s not a 112 mile buffet (well, it kinda is)…fuel and hydrate on schedule!
  7. Run – Once you make it here…just trust that it will take care of itself.  You don’t have 26.2 miles to go.  You have 1 mile…and then another…and then another.  Before you know it…you are looking forward to the next one…and you are closer to Finish!
  8. Use patience in the first 13 miles even if you feel great, conservation will pay off with MUCH less walking later on.
  9. Slow run beats a shuffle, shuffle beats a walk…but SHORT walk breaks are fine.
  10. Don’t be afraid of drinking flat Coca-Cola later in the run – or chicken broth – that shit works!!!!

You have done the work.  Your body is prepared and rested. Your mind is and will continue to F with you…if you let it. It’s YOUR choice if you let the negative thoughts in.

Screw the pain…work the plan…and you will be an IRONMAN!

The Ascent is pure pain…the Descent is its own reward.

  1. Push Yourself...Claim Your Reward.

    Push Yourself…Claim Your Reward.

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