Build and maintain momentum to succeed

3 Simple Rules for Building and Maintaining Momentum

You gotta start somewhere!

You don’t just wake up one day and realize you have achieved your goals overnight. You don’t just find yourself RELEVANT, or IN DEMAND.

Improvement takes time…but over that time, you need to see progress, or you will LOSE momentum. You need to tinker and test and take notes. And make changes.

You need a plan. Know your limitations and focus on improving them one small step at a time. Document the plan…I mean…write it down…and follow it. Some things won’t work — so address them immediately…Build momentum and keep going.

But first:

Make a Choice

Sounds easy…it’s not. For those who have spent far too long waiting for instructions…this will seem impossible. Therefore, you have to break from this thinking. You can no longer wait for instructions. Describe your passion…your goal…your solution.  Choose to start momentum.

Focus relentlessly on ONE thing

Focusing on one thing at a time can be incredibly difficult. You have to work at it to get better. Humans are curious, and it’s easy to reach for every handhold…especially when you need to make a living. Find a way to block that urge. Focus on why you are where you are in the first place. Then, do what MATTERS…not simply what is OFFERED.  It’s easier to build momentum when all of your attention is focused on turning ONE crank.

Be So Good You Can’t Be Ignored

Everybody is bad at doing something for the first time. Of course this is true. The ones who are the best at it…practice the most at it. They do it so much, they cannot be ignored. Be this person. Improvement increases your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm increases your performance. When you are confident in your skills…people respond to your confidence.

These are Simple Rules…but that doesn’t mean they are easy. Sometimes simple is the most complex. So, don’t do everything today…but do at least ONE thing that matters EVERY DAY.

Get moving…Shift your view.

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