NEW GIG? Do This…

Nice work on getting the new GIG! I know how hard it is to go through that process. I’ve done it a few times myself, and one thing I have learned is you really don’t want to waste all that effort and the joy of being selected by not having a plan to get up […]

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Invention and Innovation: By-Products of Pain Avoidance

Pain - Marco Sedano

We hear a lot about innovation in business. Thinking outside the box. Identifying the way things are done, finding better, more profitable…more effective ways of doing things. Innovation and invention are the evolution of business, but I think they happen for a simpler reason…Humans want to avoid pain. Pain isn’t just a physical manifestation…it can […]

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A Letter To A Channel Partner

Customers are becoming increasingly distrustful of sales people. I’ve written about this before. Why? Because everyone is a skeptic…especially in today’s world of MASSIVE access to information. They just don’t believe you, and won’t until they have decided for themselves that what you are selling can do what is needed to solve a problem they […]

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Curb Your Sales Enthusiasm

Ever meet a great salesperson? What trait in their personality struck you? I would be surprised if ‘calm demeanor’ wasn’t on your list. Look, I get it…sellers typically have a bad rap, and it’s primarily a reflection of really fantastic marketing about the image of sellers. The fast talking snake charmer that somehow managed to […]

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Product Selling Is Dead

I’m guessing you clicked this link because you are a salesperson.  You are curious about my statement that product selling is dead.  Don’t let the way you are performing against your quota influence whether you agree or disagree.  Take a minute and think about the reason you became a salesperson in the first place.  It […]

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Digital Transformation: The Fracture of LOB and IT

Fracture of IT and LOB

In 2014, I read a whitepaper about one of the fastest growing trends affecting IT today.  It put me on the path I am on right now…and opened my eyes to the enormous opportunity and threat facing business today.  “The 2014 State of Digital Transformation” white paper by Brian Solis (available for free download here), […]

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Selling Analytics? Start with the Lines of Business.

Analytics.  The word is everywhere, and with good reason.  In the recent past, data analytics was used by a handful of people to make smarter decisions for a few business challenges.  Just look at sports.  Player stats were the purview of the superfan, scouts, hitting coaches…until someone in the front office figured out how to […]

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Cloud: Terrifying…For Some!

Clouds Ahead!

A colleague of mine, @StuOzer, sent me this link: Having spent a few years at HP… It was like seeing written confirmation of the problem that plagued the sales teams in the Servers, Storage and Networking division. The sales and compensation model at HP did NOT address the lurking threat of Cloud Computing and its […]

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