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A Busy Guy’s Guide to Ironman 70.3 in 12 Weeks

A Busy Guy’s Guide to Ironman 70.3 in 12 Weeks

A Busy Guy's Guide to Ironman 70.3 in 12 Weeks

AWESOME!  I am assuming you are reading this because you are committing to Ironman 70.3. This is big news…appreciate the size of this decision! If you are reading this before you have actually signed up for the race – please stop reading…open a browser…and sign up for it…NOW! The Goal is the Race. The training…just steps along the way.

Put It On The Calendar

Look at your calendar. Circle that date…and work backwards. That will determine the framework of your training plan. Break it into weeks…and then break it into disciplines each day. There is a cumulative effect to the training that will unveil itself…even if you cannot fathom what is in front of you. It’s also a good idea to clear this with your doctor.

Share the news with your friends…your family. Tell them WHY you doing it…and then tell them your plan. Stick to the plan. Hold yourself accountable to DO THE WORK.

Nothing Is Impossible

I am here to tell you that you can do it! And while many start doing tri’s at the sprint and Olympic level…I can tell you that the Half Iron distance is REASONABLE!  IT CAN BE DONE…and by a first timer! And you don’t have to be maniacal about training. All it takes is a desire to be better to yourself…and sweat a little bit each day. Hell yes…It takes commitment – but you can do this.

Now…let me make a few things perfectly clear. I am not a licensed coach. I am not a podium finisher. I don’t have a degree in Fitness or Body Mechanics. What I am is a guy who decided he was done putting off fitness, done watching his health numbers creep off the charts, done using busy travel as an excuse to not exercise. I. Was. Done.

I just needed someone to push me. No…I didn’t do it alone. I picked an event with some buddies…and we committed. And I have been doing it ever since. 32 events, including 3 Ironman, 1 Ironman 70.3, 3 Tour de Tucson, 2 Marathons, and lots of Olympic/International Distance.

How To Train

I trained for my first Olympic with my OWN plan. I jumped to Ironman with my OWN plan. I did what I could find time to do…and learned everything I could WHILE I was training. I made it as simple as possible, because I needed flexibility, and I didn’t want to spend too much time thinking about what I should do…rather, I focused on what I COULD do.  The point is…start somewhere…but start.

The 70.3 distance is CHALLENGING…it is HARD. And it is absolutely something you can do…and feel great doing it.

I love the training…I love how it makes me feel…and I don’t kill myself with the hours of it. I’m reasonable…and you can be reasonable too. Use this as a guide to get yourself on the path. Modify it and decide how you want to step it up if you like. My suggestion? Find a coach to help you fine tune.  Just commit to being consistent and smart.

Download the eBook

One day…I will take my own advice!  In the meantime…I wrote down what worked for me.  Something simple and flexible for a busy travel schedule.

Click this link to download the eBook…no gimmicks…just download and modify the plan inside to fit your schedule.

Share if you found this relevant…and good luck!




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