Find the Time

I like the feature image.  It is a piece of art at Buchanan Station in Glasgow, Scotland.  It depicts the inexorable nature of time.  It never stops running.  We chase it…and it always slips away.  It’s a scramble to contain it.  Calendars, agendas, appointment books, alarms…there are plenty of tricks we use to give the illusion of controlling time.  All futile.

I am interested in how others manage the illusion of control.  How do they fit it all in?  Think about it:  Family…Job…House…School.  Those are just the obvious time sucks.  Within each are HUGE demands on the measly 24 hour chunks we are given to work with each day.  Then…how do you find time to sweat?

I focus on REAL time vs. CLOCK time.   I find that demands on my time rarely happen linearly.  I can’t schedule important decisions…emergencies happen and require response.  I try to anticipate WHEN things are LIKELY to happen, and align my schedule around that.   I can do this with work and home events (family events, school events, etc).

I make myself available beyond “work hours”…because we don’t live in a 9 to 5 world anymore.  I still encounter this and I admire the tenacious grip on this concept of the past.  It’s just not realistic because the DEMANDS on our time has been altered by technology.  Our work phones are likely our personal MOBILE devices…always in our pocket.  It is foolish to have TWO of these…just gets too complicated.  So we either disengage from whole chunks of our society after a certain hour…or we merge.

There is too much to discuss on one post…but there are some things that I can list that help me manage this.

1.  Get sleep…If you get up early…go to bed early.  You need this.

2.  Take notes…I write things down all the time.  Always have a notebook or use an app to jot things down.  I have a bad memory for tasks…this helps

3.  Do your job.  You work to get paid…you get paid to live.  No work, no life.

4.  Spend your time doing the tasks that matter…learn how to distinguish NEED from DESIRE.  Do not get pulled into activities that waste time.  See Point number 2…refer to this when tackling tasks.  Ask yourself…does this NEED to happen?

5.  Exercise.  Sweating gives you time to think about your day, and allows you to mentally focus on solving problems…almost by default.  It energizes you and you WILL feel better.




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