Force Innovation!


I ran across the following article today:

This interests me because it feels like forced innovation.  And I am saying that is a good thing.

I am not much interested in how this will relegate the wallet back into a fashion accessory – see this great Wired article – but rather, how innovative thinking can change how entire populations leverage technology.  SOMEBODY got tired of using their wallet like a filing cabinet.

No one absolutely needs to update their wallet…just like no one needed to put their calendar on their phone…or use their phone as a camera.  Someone just had a great idea, and it made sense.

There are a lot of exciting things happening with easy access to information, and each of these minor changes are impacting other areas of our lives, which creates opportunity.

Yes – I want to use my iPhone MORE.  To hold my driver’s license information, insurance, credit cards, banking, passport…everything!  I already use it to hold all my loyalty and reward cards (yeah, my wallet was HUGE)!  It’s not a big leap to add all secure data to the device.  What is more secure?  A wallet with hard copy drivers license, a physical passport, a social security CARD?  Or an iPhone with all of that on the phone…a device that can be wiped if stolen!

Yes – forced innovation creates a need to address how we secure data, how we confirm, how we can mine the data…and how we can profit from it.   It’s good business and there are solutions that need to be created to solve the challenges that result.

Shift your view and forget the status quo.  Force innovation.  You don’t need to invent… just look at how you work, live, play…and try something different!


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