Handle Up on Your Fears, Regrets and Wants

Do yourself a favor.  Take a moment to reflect on yourself.  Are you where you want to be?  Have you achieved any of the goals you have set for yourself?  Are you happy?  Are you scared…angry? Do you like your job?  Do you fear your job?  Are you healthy?  Do you exercise…at all?

Do enough introspection, and you are going to find that you are dwelling in one of these 3 mental caves:  Fear, Regret or Want.

Biggest 3 Fears?  Public Speaking, Rejection, Death.  In that order.  The first two are the only ones we have any ability to impact…Death…well, there isn’t much you can do to avoid it.  All you can do it try to contain it.

Biggest 3 Regrets?  No Purpose, No Risk, No Legacy.  Why aren’t you doing something more meaningful?  What do you really have to lose?  How do you want to be remembered?  There are a ton of ways to create a legacy…what matters is how you do it and what it means to you.

Biggest 3 Wants?  Recognition, Change, Security.  This is interesting because our fears specifically prevent us from achieving our wants.  If you don’t speak out, you don’t get recognized.  Fear of rejection prevents you from changing.   Without recognition, or growth through change, you never achieve security (insert Money, Success, Fitness, Health, Happiness).  You spend your life AFRAID.   And then there is death.

Break this cycle.  Find out what cave you are in, and get out of it!

As a technology sales manager, I think about motivating my employees.  Public Speaking and Rejection aren’t usually a problem.  Typically, their issues are around Change and Risk.  There may actually be some fear of success!  In my organization, we are approaching sales from a completely different perspective than in previous years – transforming from sku-based commoditized product selling, to selling technology solutions that solve business challenges.  To be successful, my team needs to interface with more than IT and Procurement, as was the model in the past.  They need to meet with LOB executives in all areas of the business, to understand what their goals and challenges are in order to determine the  technology solutions that will help address those goals and challenges.  They need to do more than push product…they need to understand what is ultimately driving the NEED for a solution – call it Business Challenge Discovery.

I urge my team to change the way they sell.  To be curious about their customer’s business.  To ask more questions about how they plan to achieve their targets and TALK to more targets.  They will never be able to learn enough about the account if they only talk to 1 or 2 contacts in an organization.    Example:

  • The VP of Customer Service doesn’t care about server consolidation, SDN or Biometrics.  They CARE about satisfaction, retention and achieving their metrics – and whether or not we have solutions that can help them with that.
  • The VP of Marketing has other needs and challenges, as does the VP of Finance.  Get curious!

My team must be willing to learn about how the company makes money.  To understand the business objectives for that year, half, or quarter.  They must be willing to ask.  Ask enough times, and they may find a common need among the departments, and maybe then they can tie it to a technology solution that can help the customer.  That makes them valuable to the customer.  And that takes practice, hard work and commitment.

I must motivate them to make this change.  They have to handle up on their fears, regrets and wants.  If they do so, they will get what they NEED.

PS –

Get a jump-start on feeling motivated…Get in a gym, ride a bike, run in the woods.  Do something that elevates your heart rate and BREATHE!  Just a little bit every day.


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