Lifetime Tri – SOMA


Oh Yeah!  Race day is TOMORROW!  I want to send a shout out to Eric Brogmus, Mark Keiper (two of the Four Bastards signed up for Boulder Ironman next August), Michelle Peters and Sharon Silvas.  They have been training like sled dogs for a a while…I anticipate a great result from all of them.

All the hard work is done…now comes the reward.  A sweatfest in the desert.  Nothing sounds better!

I will be following online…in the meantime, soak it in folks!  Its gonna be a blistering time!

@EricBrogmus- no pressure:

  • Swim: 30
  • T1: 5
  • Bike: 2:45
  • T2: 5
  • Run: 1:50
  • Total: 5:15

Screw the pain…work your plan, dammit!


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