Microsoft and LinkedIn – What’s That Buzz I’m Hearing?

Social media is eating the world.

Think about this. 65 percent of adults are using social media. That in itself is amazing, but when you think of how they are using it…you can start to see the opportunity that companies like Microsoft are seeing. Let’s see…

  1. 420 Million LinkedIn users…MOST just use it for a profile. Imagine the synergy with all of the Microsoft Apps that would streamline the flow of information…and then extract efficiencies for process, sales, data mining…targeted marketing. Boom…Improved CRM…
  2. Microsoft sells to consumers AND enterprises…it’s already a pain in the ass to publish on LinkedIn Pulse via iPad…I expect this will continue that pain in favor of the Microsoft Surface. Boom…Eating into Apple.
  3. Microsoft picking up a social media platform focused on Business…with roots extending into prospecting, recruiting, learning, connecting…it’s like having a Doppler Radar for business. Boom…Microsoft WILL grow their infrastructure and cloud business by default.
Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

“If you don’t have a real stake in the new, then just surviving on the old—even if it is about efficiency—I don’t think is a long-term game.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

This is only the beginning

We’ve already established that Social Media is king. The question is…is LinkedIn the only value out there? No way. But it’s complicated.

Let’s forget about Facebook for a moment…that is its own kingdom. This leaves some obvious choices for other companies that may feel compelled to acquire this social synergy (hello IBM…Amazon…aNY others?)…and it’s pretty small in number. However, even Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…these might not work – these are all just interesting. Simply because of the nature of these platforms. They are broadcast platforms for a quick peek into niches, or a way to quick-serve messages/content.

Nah…I think there are two other platforms that will play here. One already is falling flat simply because it’s so complicated to use – I mean…does anyone like to use Google+? Google has work to do.

For me…I think the other platform would have to be an easy to use platform that balances professional with personal – maximizing affiliations by grouping users together who share the same tastes, interests and personal experiences. A platform that basically does the data mining and trending in the beginning…and grows the base through shared experience and content. I suspect that if you haven’t heard of…you soon will.  It ALONE has a shot at pushing the percentage of adults well past 65% today…and it adds relevance beyond JUST BUSINESS. The partnership potential is huge, and not relegated to Technology Sector.

I think Javiar Camara Rica has a hell of a lot more valuable platform on his hands today than yesterday. They have only been rolling for about a year…and already have 10 Million members…folks who love to write and share content…and recruit and sell…and live.

Keep your eyes peeled.



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