About Mike Dowling

Who Is Mike Dowling?

I’m a competitor.

I’m A Technology Sales Leader and Age Grouper Triathlete.

I use triathlon as a way to motivate me to exercise. The exercise is a way for me to manage the stress of family and career, and generally allows me to clear my head and let me think.

I actually enjoy the preparation and training more than the actual events…but I do love the events. Especially crossing the finish line…Hitting the targets and pulling my team with me.

There are parallels with this sport and sales. 90% of the work is hard…grunt work…preparation and focus. In order to get to the big presentation, or close a deal…there is a lot of pre-work and follow-up. And it has to be done EVERY week…with EVERY customer and target acquisition.

Whether you are training for your next Ironman or creating a plan to acquire a new customer…you need a PLAN.

Screw the pain…work the plan!!!

These are just my views.

– Michael Dowling