Bad Mood? This Is Why, And How To Fix It QUICK!

Bad Mood Monday’s can be rough. What motivates you to roll out of bed to embrace the beginning of a long week of…work? It’s something that most folks need to sort out. There are exceptions…some folks do things that don’t require motivation…they actually get paid to do what they LOVE. That’s the holy grail. If you aren’t in that category, then you better learn to motivate. Let’s look at what’s hindering your motivation:

  • Mood: Motivation is a problem because of mood. People with a smile on their face usually have no problem getting motivated to do ANYTHING. They are positive…and it is addictive. The point is, you can’t motivate yourself unless you can change your mood and become positive. You have to want to be in a better mood.
  • Reward: Can you answer this question: What’s the point? If you can’t, then you have no target you are trying to achieve…and it’s pretty hard to motivate yourself to do anything. As a sales leader, I want my team to think about causality. Do they wait for the phone to ring so they can take an order, or do they plan activities and proactively create demand and EXPECT that the actions will result in orders? One of these actions is self-fulfilling. Cause and Effect. The reward is pipeline creation and sales quota attainment. Usually results in positive mood…do nothing, and pretty much guarantee failure. You can see how the cycle can perpetuate.
  • Pressure: Is this a bad thing? Not in my experience. In fact, you need it, because without it, there is no urgency to act. This is universal in Health, Fitness, Business, School, Relationships…everything. The only thing that changes is what is causing the pressure. Here’s a few:
    • Go to a doctor and find out you have hypertension…better do something about that: Blood pressure.
    • Sign up for a triathlon…and tell your friends: Peer pressure.
    • Sign your sales letter: Quota pressure.
    • Market dynamics changing? Better learn relevant skills: Career pressure.
    • Lost your job? Better sort that out quick with a smart job search campaign: Income Pressure.

Expect pressure. Create pressure. Relieve pressure.

Be wary of the impact of not relieving the pressure. Procrastination. It’s insidious…and worsens your mood and kills motivation.

The Fix

Hold yourself accountable and plan your week with some structure. Get your calendar straight. Don’t wait another minute to do something you know you need to do. Quit being afraid to succeed. That’s right…success means hard work —the RIGHT work. And before you say “how do I know I am doing the right work”…trust me, you know. You are in a heavy mood because you AREN’T doing the right work. Who gives a shit if it is hard? Do it because its hard! Take everything else that doesn’t matter to you today…and ignore it.

You have to stop looking at work as a four letter word. You have to know what you NEED to do, and WHY you need to do it. Then do it.

Repeat as needed.

  • Doing The Right Work = Success
  • Success = Reward
  • Reward = Light Mood

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