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Pack For Your Triathlon: Checklist

Preparing for Triathlon is HARD! But you did it…and now you need to pack for your trip.  Don’t sweat it.  Use this as a guide to get you organized and packed.  I’ve done 3 Ironman races, 1 Ironman 70.3, and many Olympic distance races…and traveled to all of them.  This helps me prepare.

Pack by legs…and get the basics squared away.  I pack all of my RACE DAY Equipment in ONE BAG.

Now – think about your transitions…and add goodies for your Swim Transition Bag, Bike Transition Bag and Run Transition Bag if you need them.

Lastly – pack your travel bag – this is just like going on vacation.

Before Race Day

  • Practice a dry run of each race transition to check your gear bags
  • Check Tires/Tubes
  • Charge GPS Watch/Electronics
  • Label all of your gear – Put Name on all gear
  • Review Checklist
  • Two nights before, try to get a good night of sleep—the night before is not the day you need it!
  • Make sure you know the directions to the race start – and toilets!
  • Study the course so you know what to expect. Swim, Bike, Run – Aid Stations, What fluids are offered, Gels.

Good luck…and REMEMBER…EXPECT THAT THINGS WILL GO WRONG..and deal with it.  Just get to the start line!



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