Prospecting: Elevate Your Game

 Prospecting With any sales role, you need action in order to build, progress and close your pipeline.  When the pipe disappears…so do you.  Level set yourself…remind yourself that you don’t deserve anything…so…go get what you want.  Take action.  Massive action.  Prospecting and building your pipe to bursting so you need to close deals to bleed pressure.

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Sales is hard. Here are 11 ways through it.

  There is a hard truth about sales.  As a rep…You…Deserve…Nothing. That’s a punch in the mouth. Good. Choke down that dose of reality and get on with it. Don’t let 2016 be a repeat of every single year you can remember. Challenge yourself to live it differently. We don’t always have what we deserve. […]

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Vision Needed…Execution Required!

Have a vision ad execute

I’m often reminded that the business of selling is less about common sense than it is about process. From the outside looking in, bad process is obvious…but when you are smack dab in the middle of it, it can be hard to even SEE the right thing, let alone make a decision to address it. […]

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