Prospecting: Elevate Your Game


With any sales role, you need action in order to build, progress and close your pipeline.  When the pipe disappears…so do you.  Level set yourself…remind yourself that you don’t deserve anything…so…go get what you want.  Take action.  Massive action.  Prospecting and building your pipe to bursting so you need to close deals to bleed pressure.

Don’t fool yourself…and don’t be fooled.  90% of sales is the background work it takes to get the 10%.  The Meeting…The Golden Moment.

Do the work that is required, follow whatever formula that works for you to build the accurate pipeline you need to achieve your target.  And above all else…track the activity.  You want to highlight best practices AND wasted action.  You own your patch…establish facts and refine your territory coverage model.

You don’t have a formula?  Give this a whirl:

Prepare to Prospect

  • Organize your patch – if you haven’t done it yet…do so now.
  • Create a T/AP (Territory/Account Plan) – connect with me and I can give you a baseline to start
    1. Clearly identify the targets – who, why and how you expect to reach them
    2. Determine Industry, Line of Business, Existing Customers, New customers…be specific
    3. Outline a plan of action – Do you have Sales Plays that Make Sense?
    4. Establish Extended Team – By Role, Responsibility.  Include them in this process.
    5. Define what success looks like – Define what failure looks like
    6. Agree upon initial metrics, and manage to them – determine tracking mechanism and stick to it.
    7. Follow up plan with specific expectations, dates.
  • Use your connections – Leverage LinkedIn, Social Media…Do you Blog?
  • Chances are – you  have a partner network.  USE IT…They are underutilized.
  • Take advantage of ALL Marketing Support.  Please pass back valuable information on success/failure.  Lather, Rinse…Repeat.

Make sure the plan includes actual prospecting activity.  This is the foundation of a successful T/AP.  The entire goal is to identify the targets, the action to reach those targets, a process for follow-up, with CONSISTENCY.

Profile Territory, Profile Accounts

Identify the makeup of your territory – by segment – by industry

  • Set up Tiers (1, 2, 3)
  • Set up a cycle to identify targets by Line of Business in each account – Top Down approach. Don’t delay.
  • Start reaching out…every week.  Follow the Plan.  Pivot when blocked.  Press…Press…Press.
  • The goal is to find their business challenge, so you can tie it back to your solution.

This is a start.  You WILL get results.

Shift your view.


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