Does your team LOVE Sales? Are they really SELLERS?

Take a look at the makeup of your sales team.  Do you think they are Sellers?  Do you know what a Seller is?   Seems like an obvious question, but when you peel it back, you realize that there are a lot of roles within “sales” that don’t really amount to selling.  This is especially true in large […]

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Sales is hard. Here are 11 ways through it.

  There is a hard truth about sales.  As a rep…You…Deserve…Nothing. That’s a punch in the mouth. Good. Choke down that dose of reality and get on with it. Don’t let 2016 be a repeat of every single year you can remember. Challenge yourself to live it differently. We don’t always have what we deserve. […]

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Vision Needed…Execution Required!

Have a vision ad execute

I’m often reminded that the business of selling is less about common sense than it is about process. From the outside looking in, bad process is obvious…but when you are smack dab in the middle of it, it can be hard to even SEE the right thing, let alone make a decision to address it. […]

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Quit defending your pipeline fantasy!

Wake up from your fantasy

As a leader, I struggle with this. The quarter rolls, the business trickles in…issues pop up that need executive focus and things get really busy. The weekly pipeline reviews look large…and curiously consistent. The overall number never seems to grow or decline…it just…moves. Month to month, Q to Q. I call it Fantasy Pipe, and […]

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Handle Up on Your Fears, Regrets and Wants

Do yourself a favor.  Take a moment to reflect on yourself.  Are you where you want to be?  Have you achieved any of the goals you have set for yourself?  Are you happy?  Are you scared…angry? Do you like your job?  Do you fear your job?  Are you healthy?  Do you exercise…at all? Do enough […]

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