Digital Transformation: The Fracture of LOB and IT

Fracture of IT and LOB

In 2014, I read a whitepaper about one of the fastest growing trends affecting IT today.  It put me on the path I am on right now…and opened my eyes to the enormous opportunity and threat facing business today.  “The 2014 State of Digital Transformation” white paper by Brian Solis (available for free download here), […]

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Selling Analytics? Start with the Lines of Business.

Analytics.  The word is everywhere, and with good reason.  In the recent past, data analytics was used by a handful of people to make smarter decisions for a few business challenges.  Just look at sports.  Player stats were the purview of the superfan, scouts, hitting coaches…until someone in the front office figured out how to […]

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Data: NOT the icing on the cake. Data is the CAKE!

Good article below…and I like the analogy I found in it. “Data is not the icing on the cake…Data is the cake”. by @michaelhickins. I’m not going to go so far as to say that EVERYONE likes cake…but plenty of us do. Lot’s of different choices, and ways to obtain them…Buy them, bake them…square cakes, round cakes, bundt cakes…cup cakes. […]

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