Reflection, Change…And Why You Feel Resistance.

The purpose of reflection is not to punish yourself, it’s about knowing yourself. The hard part about reflection is figuring out what to reflect on, and why you feel resistance. If you are looking to improve some aspect of your life – either personal or professional – you need to forget about secret sauces, magic pills, or formulas for success. If you really want address a limiter, you need only one thing…a fraction of self discipline.

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Vision Needed…Execution Required!

Have a vision ad execute

I’m often reminded that the business of selling is less about common sense than it is about process. From the outside looking in, bad process is obvious…but when you are smack dab in the middle of it, it can be hard to even SEE the right thing, let alone make a decision to address it. […]

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Bad Mood? This Is Why, And How To Fix It QUICK!

Bad Mood Monday’s can be rough. What motivates you to roll out of bed to embrace the beginning of a long week of…work? It’s something that most folks need to sort out. There are exceptions…some folks do things that don’t require motivation…they actually get paid to do what they LOVE. That’s the holy grail. If […]

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