Tri Training with Technology

Went for a long ride on Sunday…reached for my Bluebuds X and scrolled through my set list. What do I listen to?

I’ve been using Rhapsody for years…and haven’t needed to find another service because they have almost everything I like.  My music choice changes over time, but curiously, the consistency of certain rides and runs makes me look forward to some of the same songs and I listen to them over and over.  I’m a fan of Alt/Punk…and I like an Electro hook (Skrillex, Deadmaus) and lately, Phantogram, Passion Pit, MGMT.  But it will ALWAYS include a steady infusion of Boston, Journey, The Who, The Stones, Eddie Money, Fleetwood Mac…songs I can get lost in.

But this post is not about Music…it’s about training with technology…and for music it’s Bluebuds X and iPhone for me.  I love these wireless earbuds.


They aren’t perfect, but they ARE sweat proof…and they are comfortable.  I used to wear them right out of the box, hanging from my ears and resting on my shoulders.  Not comfortable when running, because the rubberized cord sticks to your shoulders and neck…trust me, you don’t want to swivel your head to look left or right when running because it hurts, and you end up looking like an idiot because you swivel your hips instead.  Trust me, your kids will make fun of you.

This year, I fiddled with the cord and started wearing them tight against my head, like this:


Heaven! No bouncing, no sticking, so comfortable that you don’t even feel them in your ear.

Only complaint about these headsets is SOMETIMES they don’t have a PERFECT connection – need to move my iPhone onto my left side biking jersey pocket, or wear a running belt and shift it on my hips while running.  Which just adds to the amount of crap I have to manage just to work out.

Which begs the question…How much gear do you need when you Ride and Run?  I have the following:

  • 1 Fitbit Flex
  • 1 Garmin Forerunner 310xt
  • 1 Garmin Cadence Meter
  • 1 Garmin HRM strapped on my chest
  • 1 iPhone – (Indispensable)
  • 1 Bluebuds X
  • 1 Strada Wireless Cateye Cycle Computer

Seems a bit much.  I would LOVE to minimize the number of gadgets I need to track my training, give me my speed (lack of), heart rate, music and DISPLAY it nicely.

Very curious to learn how the iWatch might help – if it ever launches…or maybe I could use the Wahoo Fitness apps and mount the iPhone on my aero bars.  Curious to know how it Wahoo works on the run.  I kind of like to see my Run pace on the Garmin Display…and certainly my heart rate.  iPhone is just too clunky to see on my arm – and I have a hard time with the thumb print recognition when I sweat.

What do you guys use to train?

Meanwhile…I’ll be packing my gear for a 10 miler.


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