Reflection, Change…And Why You Feel Resistance.

The purpose of reflection is not to punish yourself, it’s about knowing yourself. The hard part about reflection is figuring out what to reflect on, and why you feel resistance. If you are looking to improve some aspect of your life – either personal or professional – you need to forget about secret sauces, magic pills, or formulas for success. If you really want address a limiter, you need only one thing…a fraction of self discipline.

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NEW GIG? Do This…

Nice work on getting the new GIG! I know how hard it is to go through that process. I’ve done it a few times myself, and one thing I have learned is you really don’t want to waste all that effort and the joy of being selected by not having a plan to get up […]

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Invention and Innovation: By-Products of Pain Avoidance

Pain - Marco Sedano

We hear a lot about innovation in business. Thinking outside the box. Identifying the way things are done, finding better, more profitable…more effective ways of doing things. Innovation and invention are the evolution of business, but I think they happen for a simpler reason…Humans want to avoid pain. Pain isn’t just a physical manifestation…it can […]

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3 Simple Rules for Building and Maintaining Momentum

Build and maintain momentum to succeed

You gotta start somewhere! You don’t just wake up one day and realize you have achieved your goals overnight. You don’t just find yourself RELEVANT, or IN DEMAND. Improvement takes time…but over that time, you need to see progress, or you will LOSE momentum. You need to tinker and test and take notes. And make […]

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Exceed Your Limits Or Die

U2 - Band

Exceed Your Limits Or Die Much of what I have read regarding finding success focuses on the glory of the result, and not so much on the 90% — the hard work that needs attention daily to GET to the result. It’s the 90% that needs your attention, your motivation…your consistent dedication. Otherwise…you are stuck on a […]

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Digital Transformation: The Fracture of LOB and IT

Fracture of IT and LOB

In 2014, I read a whitepaper about one of the fastest growing trends affecting IT today.  It put me on the path I am on right now…and opened my eyes to the enormous opportunity and threat facing business today.  “The 2014 State of Digital Transformation” white paper by Brian Solis (available for free download here), […]

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Prospecting: Elevate Your Game

 Prospecting With any sales role, you need action in order to build, progress and close your pipeline.  When the pipe disappears…so do you.  Level set yourself…remind yourself that you don’t deserve anything…so…go get what you want.  Take action.  Massive action.  Prospecting and building your pipe to bursting so you need to close deals to bleed pressure.

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Does your team LOVE Sales? Are they really SELLERS?

Take a look at the makeup of your sales team.  Do you think they are Sellers?  Do you know what a Seller is?   Seems like an obvious question, but when you peel it back, you realize that there are a lot of roles within “sales” that don’t really amount to selling.  This is especially true in large […]

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Sales is hard. Here are 11 ways through it.

  There is a hard truth about sales.  As a rep…You…Deserve…Nothing. That’s a punch in the mouth. Good. Choke down that dose of reality and get on with it. Don’t let 2016 be a repeat of every single year you can remember. Challenge yourself to live it differently. We don’t always have what we deserve. […]

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