Product Selling Is Dead

I’m guessing you clicked this link because you are a salesperson.  You are curious about my statement that product selling is dead.  Don’t let the way you are performing against your quota influence whether you agree or disagree.  Take a minute and think about the reason you became a salesperson in the first place.  It […]

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Selling Analytics? Start with the Lines of Business.

Analytics.  The word is everywhere, and with good reason.  In the recent past, data analytics was used by a handful of people to make smarter decisions for a few business challenges.  Just look at sports.  Player stats were the purview of the superfan, scouts, hitting coaches…until someone in the front office figured out how to […]

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Quit defending your pipeline fantasy!

Wake up from your fantasy

As a leader, I struggle with this. The quarter rolls, the business trickles in…issues pop up that need executive focus and things get really busy. The weekly pipeline reviews look large…and curiously consistent. The overall number never seems to grow or decline…it just…moves. Month to month, Q to Q. I call it Fantasy Pipe, and […]

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